HTC 7 Trophy Tastes Software Update at Vodafone Australia

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HTC 7 Trophy Tastes Software Update at Vodafone Australia

HTC 7 Trophy Tastes Software Update at Vodafone Australia

Mobile phone carrier Vodafone Australia has just announced the availability of a new software update for the HTC 7 Trophy smartphone on its airwaves.

The new firmware, released as software version Windows Phone 7.5 8107, is expected to start arriving on devices within the next 24 hours.

The update has started to pour in on other Windows Phone devices a few weeks ago, when Microsoft announced its official availability.

The main purpose of the new software update is to deliver a series of fixes and enhancements to devices, and Vodafone Australia was keen on underlining that.

“This update is primarily a bug-fixing maintenance release. You will not see any immediate change to how you interact with your phone, but some minor issues and glitches have been resolved,” the carrier notes on its website.

The update will be delivered to handsets in phases, and users will be notified on its availability. They can turn notifications on in the Settings > Phone menu.

“The update will be progressively released to devices in a staged process. When your device is ready to be updated, you will be notified that the update is available and prompted to plug your Trophy into your computer,” Vodafone announced.

The update can be installed either through the Zune software on Windows PCs, or via the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac. The HTC 7 Trophy has to be connected to the machine via a USB cable.

The changelog for the new software update includes:

– If a user’s email is hosted in an Exchange Server 2003 server, in some instances, original email messages are blank (or not included) when the user replies to or forwards an email message

– When a new voice mail is received, and the user already has one voice mail waiting in their voice mail queue, the OS does not provide the user with notice of the new voice mail via Live Tile, SMS message or other notifications

– When typing using the on-screen keyboard, the keyboard periodically disappears.

– On occasion, Gmail contacts would not fully synchronise.

– If Local Scout was launched from the Search home screen, it would not correctly identify the user’s current location

– Background Transfer Service improvements

The update can be downloaded free of charge. Before kicking off the installation process, users should back up all data on the smartphone. Additional details on the update are available on Vodafone Australia’s website.