Muzo – The First Noise-Blocking Device Looks Promising for the Silence Lovers

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Muzo - The First Noise-Blocking Device

Muzo – The First Noise-Blocking Device

If you want to detach yourself in a personal mood and don’t want the clatter around you to interrupt, the new personal zone creator might be a perfect device for you.  The noise-blocking device ‘Muzo’ is an Intelligent acoustic device that creates your Personal Zone of Silence.

By creating a personal sound field, the device promises to block out the noise in your surroundings and replace it with a soothing soundscape.

When you stick the Muzo to a flat surface like a window, it sends vibrations into the surface and uses it as a large speaker membrane to create a noise-blocking sound field. It can be set to three different modes:

  • Serenity, which creates a silent environment by using an anti-vibration system to prevent the surface from vibrating
  • Sleep, which should make your sleep better by playing a soundscape
  • Secret, which uses voice-masking sounds to create a bubble of privacy

When it’s activated, the sound levels can be adjusted in a smartphone app, customizing the experience for your specific situation.

Source: TheNextWeb

Culbox Open Source DIY Arduino Smartwatch

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Culbox Open Source DIY Arduino Smartwatch

Culbox Open Source DIY Arduino Smartwatch

A new open source Arduino smartwatch has been created and is now available to back with pledges starting from just $99 for the DIY source files or if you prefer all the hardware included, pledges start from $180 with shipping expected to take place during January 2017.

Powered by and 32 bit Arm Cortex processor equipped with a 16bit 1.5″ OLED display, this awesome DIY smartwatch is perfect for any makers, hobbyists or developers looking to create their own applications or platforms for wrist worn wearables or Internet of Things.

The Arduino smartwatch is equipped with Bluetooth low energy connectivity allowing you to use the power of your smartphone to push notifications and messages directly to your wrist.

Specifications of Culbox include :

– 32 bit Arm Cortex processor
– Built in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
– 6 axis I2C Gyro + Accelerometer sensor
– 24bit I2C very accurate digital Altimeter / Air Pressure Sensor
– SPI Micro-SD card memory
– SPI 16bit color 1.5″ OLED display
– On-Board Microphone
– 3 Push buttons
– Audio output Jack
– Built in Piezo speaker
– USB port with FTDI converter
– Rechargeable LI-ION battery
– Built in Automatic charger
– Battery charge Fuel Gauge on I2C Bus
– Build iPhone and Android apps without Xcode or the Android SDK in Arduino using RFDuino Simblee Arduino Libraries

Source: Geeky Gadgets

Bullet X Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece Might be a Good Choice for Outdoor Users

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Bullet X - Waterproof Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece

Bullet X – Waterproof Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece

The new Bullet X bluetooth 4.1 could be a perfect earpiece for those who mostly work outdoors. The user does not have to face any problem with the device while working outside in rainy days. It is also good in hot and humid weather as it is specially designed for sweaty ears.

There is Active Noise Reduction and echo suppression features in the device. The charging dock serves as the carrying case. The device is selling in the following link.

Source: Think Geek

Apple Watch Series 2 Smartwatch Unveiled

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Apple watch series 2 smartwatch

Apple watch series 2 smartwatch

During Apple’s press conference today the company unveiled its new second generation Apple Watch device in the form of the Apple Watch Series 2 which is now fully water resistant to a depth of 50m, rather than just splash proof like the original.

To provide the extra water protection in the new Watch Series 2, Apple engineers have redesigned the Watch’s speaker system and seals to keep the Watch Series 2 safe under water. The first generation Apple Watch will now be $269 and the Series 2 will be available September 9th 2016.

Allowing users to wear their watch with confidence in the water while swimming, surfing or playing. The Apple Watch Series 2 is also equipped with a new dual core processor offering 50 percent more power and a new graphics chip offers twice the graphics power of the first generation Apple Watch. Apple Watch Series 2 also features a new display that is twice as bright as the pervious and has 1000 nits as well as offering 60 frames per second.

Apple has also added built in GPS to the new Apple smartwatch allowing developers to use the new features to create wide variety of new apps for the wrist worn smartwatch which will run Watch OS 3. As well as the already available finishes Apple has also added a new one to the list in the form of Ceramic, which offers a white finish, together with new accessories and straps from Hermes.

Source: Geeky Gadgets