Muzo - The First Noise-Blocking Device

Muzo – The First Noise-Blocking Device

If you want to detach yourself in a personal mood and don’t want the clatter around you to interrupt, the new personal zone creator might be a perfect device for you.  The noise-blocking device ‘Muzo’ is an Intelligent acoustic device that creates your Personal Zone of Silence.

By creating a personal sound field, the device promises to block out the noise in your surroundings and replace it with a soothing soundscape.

When you stick the Muzo to a flat surface like a window, it sends vibrations into the surface and uses it as a large speaker membrane to create a noise-blocking sound field. It can be set to three different modes:

  • Serenity, which creates a silent environment by using an anti-vibration system to prevent the surface from vibrating
  • Sleep, which should make your sleep better by playing a soundscape
  • Secret, which uses voice-masking sounds to create a bubble of privacy

When it’s activated, the sound levels can be adjusted in a smartphone app, customizing the experience for your specific situation.

Source: TheNextWeb