Fujitsu Introduces Disney Mobile on docomo F-03F

Fujitsu Disney Mobile F-03F

Fujitsu Disney Mobile F-03F

Fujitsu today announced that Disney Mobile on docomo F-03F, its new smartphone, will be available exclusively in Japan as of December 13, 2013 from NTT DOCOMO, Inc. From its colorful design concept to its rich library of preinstalled content, Disney Mobile on docomo F-03F is packed to the brim with the magic of Disney. F-03F is the fifth model to be introduced from the Disney Mobile on docomo series. The latest model comes preinstalled with 100 kinds of art content, based on the Mickey Mouse motif, which a team of artists created to bring the world of Disney to life in full color.

As an added service from Disney Mobile on docomo, customers can gain complimentary access to over 30,000 videos, TV dramas, applications and other content on the Disney Market online store. The phone also comes with a cradle holder that is perfect for viewing photographs and Disney Cinema video content in full color on the phone’s 4.7-inch OLED display, thereby providing users with an opportunity to fully enjoy the world of Disney.

Amid the growing popularity of smartphones, Disney Mobile continues to release captivating smartphones that have the new value to consistently garner the support of Disney fans and a wide range of other users. By leveraging the product ideas and technologies that Fujitsu has cultivated since the era of feature phones, the company has worked with NTT DOCOMO and Disney to develop a smartphone that delivers new value to the Disney Mobile series.

The phone also comes preinstalled with a host of exclusive content, such as seven kinds of colorful characters and Disney fonts, in addition to updated versions of the earphone jack accessory and cradle holder from previous models.

The F-03F features a full range of high-spec capabilities, including a 13.1 megapixel camera that is great for capturing night shots and illuminated shots; a 2,600 mAh battery enabling over two days of battery life; 32GB of internal memory, which provides ample room for users to store a plethora of Disney content; and water-resistant technology, which even enables users to enjoy using the phone in the bathroom. Disney Mobile on docomo F-03F is available in three colors: White, Pink and Blue.