How to Replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Australia

How to replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Australia

How to replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Australia

After reports that some Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices have been catching fire, Samsung has decided to halt sales and recall any device that has been bought so far. Additionally, the US government has initiated an official Note 7 recall, which will affect approximately 1 million devices.

So if you’ve just got your hands on the new smartphone, read on to find out how you can replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Although so far it appears that only 35 devices have been affected, Samsung has deemed the risks high enough to start a costly global recall, so we’d highly recommend you return your Note 7 for a replacement or a refund.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners in the Australia should ring Samsung’s customer service team on 1300 362 603, and they will take you through the process of returning your Galaxy Note 7 for a replacement.

Samsung might dispatch devices for Australian customers to arrange returns soon. However, we’d recommend using the number above to get in contact first.

You can also start a live chat on Samsung’s support website to talk to someone immediately.

In the US you can call the customer service team on 1-800-726-7864 (1-800-SAMSUNG), and in the UK the number to call is 0330 7261000.

If you bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in a store and are concerned you can take it back there for more advice.

Samsung will also be launching websites that let you enter in your device’s IMEI number (found in Settings > About Phone) to find out if your Note 7 needs replacing.

Source: Techradar