Galaxy Tab Gets More Content via New Partnerships

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Galaxy Tab Gets More Content via New Partnerships

Last month, South Korean electronics giant Samsung announced officially the launch if its first Android-based tablet PC, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is about to arrive on shelves in the UK and United States, and which should include pre-loaded content from various providers.

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Among them, we can count WHSmith, the Financial Times (FT) and Gameloft, which reportedly signed partnerships with the mobile phone maker only recently.

One thing that it certain is that Samsung plans on offering those who will purchase the Galaxy Tab the possibility to enjoy an enhanced experience, so as to prove that it elivered to shelves a device trully competitive with the Apple iPad.

With the newly signed deals, Samsung would provide Galaxy Tab users with news, books and gaming, basically pre-loading the slate with the content commonly wanted on such devices.

Through these deals, Galaxy Tab would get books from WHSmith, news from the Financial Times (FT), and games from Gameloft.

According to a recent article on the Inquirer, the FT and WHSmith have come up with applications for the Android-based tablet PC, with FT claiming it came up with its first HTML5 app for Google’s mobile platform.

“We are delighted to be launching the FT’s first Android and HTML5 based app with the Samsung Galaxy Tab,” FT managing director Rob Grimshaw stated.

“Our readers have already shown great appetite for consuming our news and analysis on tablet devices and Galaxy Tab is another very exciting channel for FT content.”

While the FT app will offer fast access to FT content right from the slate, the ebook app from WHSmith will provide them with access to books. Both software solutions were optimized for the 7-inch touchscreen display of the tablet.

As stated above, the Galaxy Tab is about to hit more markets around the world. Starting with Monday, UK users would have the possibility to purchase it via various channels, while US customers would receive it starting with November 10th (when T-Mobile launches it on its network).