PDK Hot Apps Promotion Winners Announced

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PDK Hot Apps Promotion Winners Announced

Mobile phone maker Palm has just announced officially the winners of their PDK Hot Apps Promotion. The list includes many names, as there were many prizes offered for winners, but two titles detach from the rest: Angry Birds, which was the winner in the paid apps section, and Glow Hockey FREE, the winner in, of course, the free section.

According to Palm, the program resulted in the development of a series of very appealing applications for the company’s Palm Pre and Palm Pixi users.

“For all those who participated, we hope that in the course of this promotion, you’ve enjoyed the benefits of being a webOS developer and access to our enthusiastic user-base,” the company notes on its developer blog.

For those who might be out of the loop, we should note that this is the second Hot Apps contest Palm put in place for developers.

"Angry Bird" Game

PDK Hot Apps-Angry Bird

“Congratulations to the winners of the PDK Hot Apps promotion! Just like the first Hot Apps, we were very impressed with the response from the developer community, and with all the great apps you brought to the HP webOS platform,” the company stated.

In case some were wondering why the platform is called HP webOS, we should note that HP purchased Palm back in spring, and that they recently started to include their name in the company logo too.

As for the winning applications, one might want to know that Angry Birds by Rovio is one of the most popular mobile games available today.

Glow Hockey Games

PDK Hot Apps - Glow Hockey

“Angry Birds by Rovio entered the promotion about half way through with a reputation that preceded it – as one of the most popular games worldwide on iPhone/iPad and now webOS,” Palm states.

Glow Hockey FREE comes from indie game developer Natenai Ariyatrakool, and can be described as a classic air hockey game with fun retro Tron-ish visuals.